I first met them six months ago…
They haven’t changed much, if at all.

A half year after the accident that landed you in the hospital, you return for a routine check-up and to visit the pair of siblings you befriended during your initial stay.

A short, bittersweet story of friendship, decisions of the past, and questions of the future.


Micah and Finn

Micah is an upbeat boy who tries to make the best of any situation. He treats life with a very go-with-the-flow attitude. Though a lot of that may be to hide his own insecurities. He always looks forward for when you come to visit.

Finn is the more serious of the two siblings and tends to come off as a bit lofty. She always means well though and tends to be the voice of reason for you and Micah. Everyday she is in to visit her brother at the hospital.


Tentative 3-4 hours play through.
Four possibles endings.
A “pure” VN style game. Not stat raising or ilk.
Drama, Slice of Life


Writing: Maureen F, Anairis Q, Kaila T.
Concept Art : Angela T.
Art: Alena A.
Music: Nate B.
Programming: Kat W.

Release Date for PC Fall 2017
Release Date for Mac and Android TBA